ESI supports the installation, commissioning, maintenance, reliability, and enhancement of marine and stationary industrial engines.



Time In The Field

All ESI engineers have expertise in stationary and marine plant operations and maintenance. This experience informs our holistic approach to providing support, solutions and system design. Experienced with international travel and dedication onsite, ESi will be there when you need us.


ESi works together with plant personnel to integrate primary and auxiliary machinery, automation, new technologies, regulations and facility resources. Each component is necessary for successful engine system.


Clear Communication

Optimum vessel and engine plant operation incorporates more than machinery. Project success is maximized when planners and end users share the vision and enthusiasm for plant enhancements. Because of our direct experience working with many organizational layers from fleet or city wide management to maintenance and repair personnel, we are skilled at uniting team members around project goals.

Engine Systems Integration LLC (ESi) provides total plant management solutions for marine and stationary engine systems. Our objective is to shape sustainable engine systems that integrate machinery, automation, and personnel. Large scale goals can be shaped to accommodate daily workflows. ESI works closely with all departments to ensure confidence every time an engine start is initiated. Our collaborative approach, hands-on orientation, and broad talent spectrum allows for unique perspective and success. Our team includes licensed marine and mechanical engineers as well as ISA-certified automation professionals. We develop user needs directly into our design, evaluation, and installation efforts to achieve immediate usability and sustainability. Meet the Team

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