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Founded in February 2014, ESi was built by engineers experienced in operation, maintenance, testing, repair, commissioning, and enhancement of industrial engine systems. Dedicated to onsite support and field operations, our workforce is comprised of individuals with a knack for assembling teams, leading jobs, solving problems and driving projects to successful completion.


Engine System Expertise: ESi will develop, assist, implement, and lead projects including maintenance, repair, advanced troubleshooting, system upgrades, engine system control design, and failure investigation. We possess the knowledge, organization, and leadership to oversee a project from start to finish, and work closely with facility personnel to achieve project goals.

Plant and Fleet Management Support: ESI will evaluate, advise, improve, configure and implement the management tools necessary to ensure that your vessel or facility runs smoothly and without interruption. Facility procedures, preventative and predictive maintenance, and properly implemented asset and inventory management tools are critical to maximize equipment, and support software potential.

ESi Personnel

Engine System Expertise Neil D. Holmgren

Neil D. Holmgren – President and C.E.O.

Neil has worked as a marine engineer, including Chief Engineer aboard ocean-going vessels and as a field service engineer for several firms specializing in industrial reciprocating engines for propulsion and electrical generation systems. He graduated with honors from the California Maritime Academy with a degree in Marine Engineering Technology and earned a Master of Arts in sociology from Loyola University in Chicago.

Neil is a highly skilled mechanical designer with considerable work in a wide range of apparatus, from diesel engine components to mounting devices for prosthetic heart valves. Neil’s approach to design often enhanced procedures as well as devices. After a very short time in the industry, Neil was promoted to lead Research & Development at Fogarty Research, a medical device think tank. Neil supervised four inventors and brought several devices from initial conception, through the FDA regulatory process, distribution to surgeons, and use in patients. Neil designed and fabricated many prototypes earning him more than 30 patents in the USA, Europe, and Asia.

He earned a Master of Arts degree studying the sociology of science, technology and innovation. While completing his studies, Neil was an adjunct professor at the Illinois Institute of Technology; teaching courses for engineers and architects studying innovation, technology, and the role and responsibilities of engineers in society.

During his sociological studies and pursuits in the medical field, Neil never lost touch with his roots in industrial engines. He always dedicated time to marine engineering in engine rooms at sea; whether working part-time on local vessels or shipping between semesters. Neil also worked as an adjunct professor at the California Maritime Academy, serving aboard the 25,000-horsepower medium-speed diesel engine-powered training ship and its previous steam turbine-powered training vessel. He taught classes to cadets in diesel engineering, steam and diesel power plant operation, maintenance, and watch standing.

Neil served as a Lieutenant Commander in the U.S. Navy Reserve and holds an unlimited horsepower U.S. Coast Guard License as a 2nd Assistant Engineer for both steam and motor-powered vessels.

Engine System Expertise Jim Dyer


James “Jim” Dyer grew up on a 5,300 acre wheat farm in North-Central Oregon, of which he is now the majority shareholder. From an early age he was busy operating and repairing a variety of farm equipment including engines and other machinery.

Jim graduated from the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy in 1992, earning a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Marine Engineering. Upon graduation, he was hired by Chevron Shipping to sail as a 3rd Assistant Engineer. He spent the next 10 years advancing his license aboard a variety of Chevron’s steam, diesel, and gas turbine vessels. He was also tasked with a two year, special fleet software and hardware upgrade assignment for Y2K security mitigation.

When not at sea, Jim attended Oregon State University’s School of Engineering, where he completed coursework in a variety of fields including Ocean, Transportation and Civil Engineering. He also spent time in the wave lab researching subsea landslides and the resulting tsunamis.

In 2002 Jim left Chevron and began shipping with the Marine Engineer’s Beneficial Association (MEBA). After sailing aboard a variety of vessels, Jim accepted a permanent senior officer position with Matson Navigation. He sailed aboard both the SS Matsonia and SS Lihue as First Assistant and Chief Engineer.

In 2010 Jim launched an inventory consulting company to assist Chevron shipping with inventory management on their recently acquired double eagle tankers. The primary focus of this venture was ensuring inventory serviceability and accuracy.

Jim has performed five cruises as an adjunct engineering instructor aboard the T.S. Golden Bear, California Maritime Academy’s medium speed, diesel-powered training ship. During the course of these cruises he supervised and instructed watch standing, maintenance and repair, and several classroom and lab subjects including diesel engine operation and maintenance.

Engine System Expertise Luis Navarrete


Luis has worked as a Marine Engineer aboard a variety of diesel powered vessels ranging from electric, high, medium, and slow speed. He graduated from The California Maritime Academy in 2008 with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering and currently holds an unlimited horsepower U.S. Coast Guard License as a 2nd Assistant Engineer for both steam and motor-powered vessels.

In 2013 Luis became the Facility Engineer at the newly constructed Pier 27 James R. Herman Cruise Terminal, the home of the 35th America’s Cup. A the facilities engineer, Luis developed and managed the Operations and Maintenance Program and supported the America’s Cup use of the facility which included the maintenance of all office spaces, media center, kitchen, and special event space. He successfully initiated design changes to the main water and HVAC systems which improved the overall reliably, performance, and safety of the facility.

Luis then joined Chevron to assist with Petro China’s Chuandongbei Sulfur Natural Gas Plant project in Sichuan, China which was under construction at the time. He led teams of Project Managers, Superintendents and Foreman to develop the remaining scope of work which reduced schedule delays, improved safety and increased construction productivity. This also included the design of workflows, gathering metrics on the productivity of construction and determining root causes for non-completion of work by use of production management software.

In 2014 Luis joined ESI and began working on an Emergency Controls Repair Project at a major municipal waste water treatment plant to improve the reliability of the three diesel engines generators. Throughout the project Luis led a team of machinists in the tuning of the engines and the troubleshooting of gas and governing components to optimize the engine’s performance and reliability.

Luis has also supervised various shipboard inventory management projects to successfully update and reconcile the vessel’s spare parts inventory. This work included reorganizing storerooms, standardize inventory naming conventions, evaluate spare parts integrity, labeling all spare parts, updating of the database and training of ships personnel.

Engine System Expertise Gegory Bocak


Gregory has over 25 years’ experience as an I&C Automation Specialist (I&C – Instrumentation & Controls) and is an International Society of Automation (ISA) Certified Automation Professional.

ISA definition of Certified Automation Professional:
“CAP’s are responsible for the direction, definition, design, development/application, deployment, documentation, and support of systems, software, and equipment used in control systems, manufacturing information systems, systems integration, and operational consulting. CAP’s are an elite group of automation professionals that have proven they possess an extensive knowledge of automation and controls. CAP’s have documented evidence that they possess the expertise and qualifications to excel in their fields.”

A native of New Jersey, Gregory held positions at Fluke Manufacturing, an industrial instrument manufacturing firm.
At a process control systems integration firm, and a material handling control systems integration firm, prior to founding Atlantic Control Systems in 1998, where he remains president.

He has been working with engine system controls for well over a decade, often acting as the first responder to unplanned engine shutdowns and start failures. He is a skilled automation system designer, programmer, and troubleshooter routinely integrating multiple proprietary control and monitoring systems. He has completed many engine system control upgrades, repairs, and total redesigns, often in emergency conditions where time is of the essence.

Greg has been an important team member since ESI was founded.

ESi communication

Clear Communication

Optimum vessel and engine plant operation incorporates more than machinery. Project success is maximized when planners and end users share the vision and enthusiasm for plant enhancements. Because of our direct experience working with many organizational layers from fleet or city wide management to maintenance and repair personnel, we are skilled at uniting team members around project goals.

ESi time

Time In The Field

All ESI engineers have expertise in stationary and marine plant operations and maintenance. This experience informs our holistic approach to providing support, solutions and system design. Experienced with international travel and dedication onsite, ESi will be there when you need us.

ESi Integration


ESi works together with plant personnel to integrate primary and auxiliary machinery, automation, new technologies, regulations and facility resources. Each component is necessary for successful engine system.

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