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ESI supports installation, commissioning, operation and repair of industrial engines in marine and stationary service.

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Fleet managers, Plant management, Equipment OEMs



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Owner Representation

ESI will represent the plant owner for engine purchase, installation, commissioning, repair, evaluation, design or failure investigation. These tasks often occur while the site owner has expertise outside of engines or is busy operating their facility. ESI can supervise OEMs, service companies, and engineering and construction firms and report directly to the site owner. These projects often include developing the scope of work, setting budgets and milestones, and evaluation of change orders and proposed work.

Engine System Integrator

ESI can manage a startup with multiple equipment providers. Due to our experience as operators, our understanding extends beyond the equipment itself. We perceive the engine system as a whole and are particularly skilled at identifying and solving equipment integration problems.


ESI can manage commissioning of new, recently overhauled, and retrofitted equipment. We provide engine system and operations expertise to equipment owners, construction and engineering firms, and equipment OEMs to ensure a smooth commissioning with accountability.

Advanced Troubleshooting

ESI is able to respond to advanced troubleshooting needs when facilities lack the time, resources or in-house expertise to determine the cause of engine and control system problems. ESI can work with plant personnel or independently.


Many existing engines can be retrofitted with new equipment to meet new system or regulatory demands or enhanced operation. ESI can evaluate your platform for upgrades, design, install and commission the equipment. ESI will also follow up with training and Operations and Maintenance Manuals.

Overhaul and Repair Management

ESI professionals can work with plant personnel or act as the owner’s representative to supervise overhauls or major equipment repairs. ESI will evaluate and monitor maintenance and assembly, ensure parts meet specification, sign off on each phase of the work, and provide ongoing and final documentation packages.

Failure Investigation

ESI performs root cause analysis after accidents with reciprocating machinery. Our investigation skills combined with our experience as operating and maintenance engineers has proven valuable during investigations.

Emergency Response

In time-critical emergency situations ESI will evaluate damaged engine systems to determine the best path to the facility’s or vessel’s return to service. ESI can assemble the variety of experts often needed in these situations to determine a path to success to present viable options to the customer. ESI can lead the efforts to the plant re-commissioning.

Construction Management Support

From inception to completion ESI can oversee the management, coordination, direction, and progress of engine system work at the construction site. We can maintain a full-time presence at the project site during construction if required.

Project Management

Acting as our client’s representative, ESI personnel provide the engine expertise to evaluate and make the routine decisions necessary to keep the project on task and moving forward. Our project management support informs the staging of work, evaluate the need and results for change order work, coordinated work and equipment with the facility, and audited overall performance at job completion.


Machinery inventory Management and Reconciliation

New vessels require verification of outfitting spares and organization in vessel store rooms and inventory database. Existing vessels store room content is in varying states of accuracy. ESI provides knowledgeable marine engineers to complete the arduous task of auditing spares, organizing store rooms and perfecting the company database. Because of our background as marine engineers, we quickly and accurately identify and inventory all spare parts and associate parts in the database with the appropriate assets in the company’s inventory and maintenance system.

Maintenance Support

It is crucial to ensure engine maintenance is performed correctly while minimizing delays and cost overruns. ESI will coordination and define the scope of work together with the customer, focusing on the customer’s specific needs and requirements. We ensure continuous communication and support,including status reports on the progress of work, and regular on-site technical reviews.

Feasibility Studies

ESI engineers approach examines the best fit of technology for the facility or vessel and the best operating practices, rather than determining if a particular product can be installed. We are independent of equipment manufacturers and make recommendations based on the unique needs of each facility or vessel and the available resources.Finding the most suitable equipment or system for a facility or vessel requires research and analysis to select the proper technologies suited for the application.

Operations Management

The costs of engine systems operation and maintenance are often large expenditures for organizations.We remain current with industry standards and instruct the best practices by utilizing technical tools that aid in minimizing costs while maximizing efficiency and ultimately contribute to improving the engine system’s operations.

Why We Are Different

There are a multitude of considerations involved in the successful operation of machinery; including the machinery itself, auxiliaries, automation, new technologies, infrastructure, and personnel capabilities and availability. ESi evaluates all of these elements as part of the engine system. We then apply our expertise at multiple levels to solve problems for our customers.

All ESi engineers spent their early years in the operations aspect of ship and shore side facilities. Our unique experience in operations informs our holistic approach to consulting, troubleshooting and system design. We understand that the engine system needs to facilitate superior operation of the vessel/plant. Successful projects go beyond the equipment bed plates; success stretches to the active participation of the personnel operating and managing the equipment. ESi strives to not only inspect the finest details of your equipment and its components, but to examine the cohesiveness of all contributing factors in your facility. We believe that the integration of machinery components, controls, maintenance support, system operators and facility management is critical to the optimization of any engine system.

Why We Are Different

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